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Here I explore a few optimization when building docker images for your clojure apps. Image versions One easy way to make it faster for you local development and for CI/CD is to just use smaller images, and to reuse images. $ docker build -t my-clojure-app. $ docker run -it --rm --name my-running-app my-clojure-app While the above is the most straightforward example of a Dockerfile, it does have some drawbacks. The lein run command will download your dependencies, compile the project, and then run it.

I'm trying to get started with Docker for developing a web application with Clojure and am unsure which way to go. From what I've read so far and also looking at the offical Docker Clojure repo, there are basically two possible ways:. call lein ring server interactively or as a CMD in a Dockerfile or; use a Dockerfile to compile your application into an uberjar and use java -jar as the CMD. I released 0.4.0 of clj-docker-client, An idiomatic, data-driven, REPL friendly Docker client for Clojure. This is a full rewrite of the lib and is completely data driven and takes all its inspiration from Cognitect's aws-api client. This supports all of docker's functions while being the thinnest possible layer between you and Docker.

17/11/2015 · In this talk, we'll explore wrapping your Clojure development tooling in a container to take advantage of Docker's resource isolation to create a portable, shareable and most importantly. Why this Docker setup fails to build my Clojure `tools-deps` project with dependencies on private Git repository? [on hold] Posted on 27th May 2019 by Dainius Jocas. I’ve set up my Linux machine to build my Clojure project that depends on a private Git repository as described. Continue reading. clojure, docker. I am using Pedestal and I am looking into a way to run my server in a mode that watches for changes in the src directory and reloads the routes automatically. I stumbled upon this, however, since. It's true that, on completely Clojure projects, Leiningen will produce a universal, cross-platform Uberjar that "just works". For these kind of projects you can usually get away without Docker. But what about when your project incorporates com. docker's official clojure image comes with lein installed. boot is in the adzerk/boot-clj image. adzerk set the entrypoint to boot so you can omit the boot command. for example docker run -it adzerk/boot-clj repl if you want to explore the filesystem with bash you'll need dk run -it --entrypoint bash adzerk/boot-clj.

I'm trying to connect to an nREPL from a Docker container that is running another, linked Docker container on port 7888. Despite exposing the port with -p 7888, linking the container with -link <. Automate building with Clojure and Run Docker Image on every push to GitHub, recurrently or manually. Set up the Continuous Integration and Delivery CI/CD workflow with GitHub, Clojure, Run Docker Image and Buddy in minutes. 29/08/2018 · can the docker image built from the updated Clojure code be run on the same same where it was built? before the docker save/load? can the result of docker save be passed to docker load on the same system? if you run sha256hash or md5sum does it match on both the system where docker save was run and where docker load was run? Language Guide: Clojure. This guide will help you get started with a Clojure application on CircleCI 2.0. If you’re in a rush, just copy the sample configuration below into a.circleci/config.yml in your project’s root directory and start building. Sample Configuration. edgexfoundry/docker-edgex-security-secretstore-setup-go-arm64. By edgexfoundry • Updated 11 days ago. Container. 9.4K Downloads. 1 Star.

"Hello, world" in Clojure compiled with GraalVM running in Docker - Clojure deployment to a production itself not a very complicated task, but with the Docker it becomes more flexible solution. You can deploy your app to the Amazon EC2 or even to Amazon EC2. Automate building with Push Docker Image and Clojure on every push to GitHub, recurrently or manually. Set up the Continuous Integration and Delivery CI/CD workflow with GitHub, Push Docker Image, Clojure and Buddy in minutes. Recently I gave a talk at the Clojure eXchange 2014 titled ‘Developing Clojure in the Cloud’. I described a way of creating and using Clojure development environments inside VMs, I’ve been developing like this for the last year spanning 2 projects. Vim. In the case of certain exercises you will be required to edit files or text. The best approach is with Vim. Vim has two different modes, one for entering commands Command Mode and the other for entering text Insert Mode.

Docker is a great way to run Clojure applications. To package an application, you need a simple Dockerfile and a runnable JAR. Remember to take care when you read environment variables from an AOT-compiled file. To quickly see a sample of a Dockerized Clojure application, generate one with pedestal-micro: $ lein new pedestal-micro my-clojure. Introduction. In the previous post we created a Clojure web service and ran it in a Docker container. Here we will deploy that container on a 3 node CoreOS cluster running in Vagrant on a local development machine. CoreOS. CoreOS is a minimal version of Linux meant for large scale server deployments. CORS Upload to S3 via Clojurescript Latest release 0.4.0 - Published Oct 30, 2015 - 77 stars choly. Holy Lambda Command Line Application Latest release 0.0.3 - Updated Aug 18, 2019 - 11 stars fierycod/holy-lambda. Micro framework which turns your code.

You can read more about the choices made by the wider Clojure community in Cognitect's State of Clojure survey results. This guide shows how to set up a Clojure development environment using Intellij/Cursive running in Windows and all command-line stuff done in the Windows Subsystem for Linux, using your favourite distro I use Ubuntu.

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